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Hey, what's going on investors? My name is Dylan and I'm the creator of this website.

I've been in the stock picking world for quite some time and got tired of all the gimmick marketing.

So now I dedicate my life to uncovering the stocks being pitched by these stock pickers.

Some of these stock picks cost thousands to see if you buy the stock picker's newsletters.

But I figure them out based on the clues in the presentations and then give them to you FOR FREE.

Nothing needs to be done on your part besides buying the stock if you're interested.

How This All Works

Have you ever signed up for a stock picker's email list? If you have you know how annoying it can be.

Every single day you'll get sent these long and confusing teasers hyping up the next "big" stock.

Some of these presentations can be over a hour long and the marketing is very persuasive.

You see this is how all stock pickers sell their services - it doesn't matter which publisher or stock picker it is either.

This is the standard way for these gurus to sell their expensive newsletters.

They get you excited for a stock, promise massive returns and withhold the stock until you buy their products.

The good news is almost every stock teaser leaves enough clues in these long presentations to figure out the stock.

However, it takes a few hours to figure out the stock and research the company being teased. A normal person doesn't have the time to do it.

I do this for a living though! 3 to 5 times a week I look at different stock presentations and figure out the stock.

Then I research the company and figure out if the stock is as good as advertised.

After everything is done I create a little write up and send the stock to you for free!

No work needed on your end and you'll get free expert stock picks that would otherwise cost millions to access.

Our Latest Stock De-Teasers

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Recommended Stock Picking Services

I've reviewed 100+ stock picking services and don't really recommend too many of them.

However, there's a few that are very good and deliver high quality stock picks.

The following three services are my favorite stock picking services. Pair them with the free picks you'll receive from me through out the year and you'll be able to build a strong portfolio.

1) Capitalist Exploits Insider

Capitalist Exploits Insider is my favorite stock picking service.

With this service you get a portfolio of 60 or so stocks and the goal is 300% returns on all of them.

The folks over at Insider recommend stocks from a dozen different sectors with guidance on how much to invest in each stock.

The price is expensive at $2499 but my readers get a special 40% discount on the service (so you can get it for only $1499).

To learn more, click below:

2) Insider Newsletter

My second favorite stock picking service is Insider Newsletter. This newsletter is actually part of the Insider service but you can buy it separately.

This newsletter gives you around 5 stock picks a week which is WAY more than you'll get from other places.

I'd recommend this newsletter for people that aren't ready to join Insider.

Insider Newsletter is only $1 for the first 30 days and then only $35 per month after.

3) Motley Fool Epic Bundle

The last service I recommend comes from one of the most well known stock picking brands Motley Fool. 

They have an awesome bundle service that combines 3 of their best services for just $499 per year.

This bundles gives you Stock Advisor which focuses on well known large cap stocks, Rule Breakers which focuses on high return small cap stocks and Everlasting Stocks which looks at top picks from the Motley Fool team.

All of these services have historically beaten the market for a long time.

You get 6 new stock picks a month and they give you the perfect mix of safe and high return stock ideas.

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